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Construction Updates

Sharing Life Construction

Sharing Life Construction

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Ways to be involved...

give God praise through prayer for what he is doing at KFBC.  Thank him for his provision and pray for the safety of workers 

although we have done our best to plan for contingencies we never know what costs will arise during construction.  Your continued faithfulness in giving to Sharing life will help ensure the projects continue to run smoothly.

Be patient
Relocating worship and life groups isn't easy and requires great flexibility on the part of every member of KFBC.  We are grateful for your patience as we continue to see what God has in store for us

11/02/2023 Construction Moving Along Quickly 

  • 3rd Floor - Painting 50% Complete

  • 3rd Floor - HVAC 95% Complete

  • 3rd Floor - Electrical 95% Complete

  • 3rd Floor -  Lighting Fixtures Being Installed

  • 3rd Floor - Garage Doors Installed

  • Sanctuary - Parlor Doors Installed

  • Sanctuary - Stage refinishing in progress

  • Sanctuary - New Baptistry installed

  • Sanctuary Foyer - Tile work ongoing

10/17/2023 Construction Pace Picks Up 

  • 3rd Floor - Painting has begun

  • 3rd Floor - HVAC 95% Complete

  • 3rd Floor - Electrical 95% Complete

  • 3rd Floor -  Furniture Ordered

  • 3rd Floor - Lighting Fixtures on site

  • Sanctuary - Video Screen Installed

  • Sanctuary - Stage refinishing in progress

  • Sanctuary - New Baptistry install this week

  • Sanctuary - Theatrical lighting installed

  • Sanctuary - Electrical 95% Complete

  • Sanctuary Foyer - Ceiling fur downs complete

  • Sanctuary Foyer - New Ceiling grid 50% Complete

  • Sanctuary Foyer - Tile work beginning

  • Sanctuary Foyer - Structural Beam installation complete

  • Parlor - Demo Continues

7/29/2023 Construction Moving Smoothly

  • 3rd Floor - New Walls have been built and 70% Sheetrocked

  • 3rd Floor - Electrical and HVAC progressing

  • 3rd Floor Ceiling Panels approved and ordered

  • 3rd Floor Garage Doors approved and ordered

  • Asbestos abatement completed in Sanctuary Parlor

  • Sanctuary Demo mostly complete

  • Acoustical panels have been ordered for Sanctuary

  • Ceiling HVAC and Electrical rough in are moving forward in sanctuary lobby

  • AV Shipments continue to arrive - LED Panels are on site

  • Choir room cleaned out for use by KFBC Uth

6/22/2023 First OAC Meeting - Owner / Architect / Contractor

  • Demolition is on schedule

  • Site is clean and safe

  • Sanctuary stage will be prepped for new Baptistry beginning next week.

  • Demo and rough in on 3rd floor will continue.

  • No changes or change orders needed at this time

6/19/2023 Demolition Phase Begins

Demolition teams are on site removing anything that is not needed for renovation.  Most demo is on the 3rd floor with some in the sanctuary, especially the lobby.  3rd Floor Demo is happening first and then the sanctuary.

6/12/2023 Site Make Safe

Brookstone began construction by making the site safe for demolition.  they have ensured that all areas of the church are safe and ready for demolition to commence. Their team worked to disconnect all appropriate power, plumbing, and AC systems. They also took care to identify any potential hazards, to ensure the safety of all personnel.

5/30/2023 Site Preparations

Brookstone set up the site for construction to commence including appropriate fencing, containers and other necessary items.

May/2023 KFBC Preparations

KFBC volunteers and staff worked to..... 

  • Completely clear the 3rd floor of all equipment / tables / chairs.  Empty closets and move everything into alternative storage.

  • Clear the sanctuary lobby and parlor of all furniture and items.

  • Remove existing projection screen.

  • Decommission old sound equipment.

  • Move pews as needed.

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